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Personal Loan – Exilend loan at your desk

Personal loans are a quick and easy way to meet your financial needs. Exilend offers a better way to get loans.

Online loan – Use social networks to raise funds

I’m going to start this with a link to google search results. It is the search result from google for…

Ways to get easy loans for your needs

This post discusses different options to get loans for your needs. How p2p loans are easier and more convenient than banks loans.

Benefits of p2p loans for lenders and borrowers

P2P loans continue to be the best return of investment for lenders, while a big money saver for borrowers. Take a look at how p2p loans benefit both lenders and borrowers.

Short term loans: Banks vs. Exilend

This post highlights the difference between borrowing short term loans from banks and from p2p lending portals. It helps you decide whether to go for banks or borrow from a friend, colleague or a family member with surplus funds when the need is short term.

Fixed payment loan: Now supported at Exilend

This post talks about Fixed Payment Loans as an alternate to other loan types and when to choose this option. It also guides on creating fixed payment loans on Exilend.

How to avoid the pitfalls of lending to friends and family

This article tells you about the common problems encountered while borrowing from or lending to friends and family, and how to avoid them with exilend.

Huge Savings and Huge Earnings with Exilend

Exilend helps you save more when you borrow, and earn more when you lend. Here we show you a typical…

What is P2P Lending?

P2P lending (peer-to-peer lending) also known as social lending or community lending is a term used for the practice of money lending by individuals via services like exilend that connects lenders and borrowers directly…

Why Use Exilend

Exilend is a free loan tracker and p2p lending solution. It is completely free, easy to use, very flexible and provides extensive reports and reminders.

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