Today, if you look at financial systems around the globe, more than half the population of the world do not qualify to take out a loan from a bank. This is a shame, but here we come up with something really great new idea “Exilend”. Where you can get affordable and a flexible loan from your friends or relatives. In the case of emergency a bank does not give you a loan when you actually want but at the Exilend you can get fast loan whenever you want.

Better for short term loans

Exilend offers one of the best ways to get short term loans in just a minute. It links the lenders and borrowers directly. There are no
intermediate commission agents. Banks require paperwork and lot of formalities to approve you a loan. Unlike loan from a bank, Exilend is highly flexible. You can readjust payment dates and also modify the terms as per understanding with your lender.
No commission is charged on transactions made by the users on Exilend and there is no joining fee.

No need of Co-signer

One of the most difficult parts of finding a loan co-signer is making sure you select someone with a good credit history.A bank may require a co-signer before approving you for a loan.This is true if your credit is poor but Exilend gives you p2p loans which do not require co-signers,even if your credit is poor.

Fast loan Faster than banks and other financial company

There are a lot of overhead in approving the loan from the bank and other finance company. There is a lot of paperwork,background check, and other formalities. Big issues to take a loan from the bank is that they want you to prove you can pay it back and they also want co-signer. Banks are careful to lend only to persons that can clearly repay their loans, and they also make sure that they are able to cover losses in the event of default. Failure to repay the loan can destroy your credit and even necessitate filing for bankruptcy.
Despite these overhead Exilend provides p2p lending where you can get a loan in just a minute. There is no middleman between lender and borrower, just register yourself with your email and then get a loan from your friends or family.