Most of the time you saw friends or family relatives stuck in a situation where lending money from one person seems inadequate or infeasible for their current financial situation. Consequently, they borrow money from various lenders and it becomes even worse to handle all the hassles of managing all transactions with lenders. Lending Club is an easy solution as it is the group of potential lenders who want to lend money to one or more borrowers. It provides you flexibility to add and remove lenders.

Exilend provides you facility of the lending club where you can solve the problem of many borrowers and create revenue with collaboration by creating lending clubs.

Feature of lending clubs with Exilend –

Opportunity to become part of large lenders community for FREE

Exilend is large community based on peer-to-peer lending and borrowing. Here you can meet new and exciting people from every arena and hence create lending club together.
Just follow these simple steps and you are ready to become part of lending club
1. Register Yourself to Exilend.
2. Create a Pool and fill up the required information.
3. Invite your friends to become part of the lending club.
4. Initially, enter commit amount for entering the pool. You can change it in future.
5. You can choose the currency in next tab and hence click Create.
6. Hurrah ! you are all set for the lending club.

Create awesome returns with lending club

Exilend provides an opportunity to potential lenders to become part of this large growing community. Therefore you can earn higher returns by collaboration with fellow-lenders while members of a lending club can set interest rates.

No headache for documentation and financial intermediaries

Another Interesting thing about the lending club at Exilend is no need of documentation. Many times in life you observed that a lot of legal documentation is done before lending money to someone like filling up stamp papers. In addition to that sometimes there is need of recommendations for borrowers from prestigious people or may be financial intermediaries.
There is no need of paperwork to create the lending club. It is as easy as pie with Exilend. You can find borrower’s credit scores to get unqualified borrowers out from your list.

Low overhead of managing individual’s financial data

Most of all Exilend is doing all the job of managing your transactions data online while managing important dates with automated reminders facility.
As a result, users become free from all the tedious job of managing all financial transactions.