Keeping track of loans and managing the payments/ repayments was never an easy task. And it’s  a blunder for those whose livelihood completely rely on the interest earned. Earlier such transactions were recorded in books. The issue with bookkeeping is that you get limited by hardware. Everything depends on that one book, so you need to take very good care of it. Keep the books safe, protect it from wear and tear, and other harms. And if you go for electronic methods of storing data, you’ll have to arrange the data properly and maintain the document to track loans.

We introduce exilend loan tracker, which is an application to store your loan details online. You can get access to/add your transaction records on the go. Plus you can reach those from anywhere, through any device. The app has web and Android applications live and a iOS version is on its way.

Conventional Means to track loans

These would include, maintaining books, files, managing diaries, creating excel sheets, etcetera. These are very hectic and time-consuming ways. The chances of making mistakes increase by many folds using these. And you’ll have to do the calculations manually, which further would increase the probability of occurrence of error. Plus if you carry many loans at a time then these means become very troublesome. After that, even the slightest of errors can produce very bad outcomes. Then there are chances of losing the data in cases of misplacing the book or files of disk failures because these have limitations and restrictions of physical objects.

Exilend to track loans

Exilend is way to overcome all the above-mentioned drawbacks. It is an online platform to record and track loans, you can record any type of loans here, personal loans, p2p loans and many more.  It saves loan details and reminds all the involved users about the loan, like it sends payment reminders, shows detailed payment schedule, it also generates extensive reports for better analysis of transactions. And sends monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to your registered mail. The reports provided at dashboard help you in better analysis of your investments. These give you very good transactions insights, which transactions made more money and which were losers. There are many more benefits of using exilend. You should join exilend to get all these benefits. Exilend is available for Web, Android and iOS free!