Everybody wants to earn more money! It may be through freelancing or through part-time jobs, getting few bucks more is always very pleasing. But because of huge competition,  it is not easy to earn extra through the normal means and not everyone has time to do extra work on the side. In such case, you should turn to the one thing most of us spend our majority of resources on: internet. There are loads of ways to make money online: from reselling the no longer needed products to applying coupons and getting cashback when shopping.

Sell the unwanted stuff on online reselling platforms like eBay, olx or some other similar outlet

Most of us have products which we no longer need like old cell phones, electronics, furniture, etc. One should sell such unwanted items on online platforms like eBay, Amazon marketplace, Preloved to make good money. The value of such items depreciates with each passing day. These also occupy space which is getting expensive day by day with rising population. Is is possible that you won’t get as much as you bought it for, but you might not get even this tomorrow.

Earn cashback when shopping

There are a number of websites which give you cashback on shopping online. It is one of the simplest ways to earn money with every purchase you make. The return amount can be low sometimes, but these are the purchases you would have made anyway, so why not make money on these. There are a number of cashback websites which pay you .5 to 15 % of the amount you spent. This is the commission someone else would claim if you don’t earn it.

Make money online with work of your interest

There are lots of online platforms which allows you to earn while listening to music, reading, surfing, cooking, etc. If you like cooking you could get paid for cooking at KitchenSurfing. Those with expertise in some subject or course can monetize it by teaching people with less experience. If you knit or make jewellery or create letterpress items, you can sell your wares on Etsy, Craft Foxes and other such sites. If you’ve got the wheels you can earn using Uber or Lyft. You can literally make money on any day-to-day task like walk a dog, wash a car, cater waiter, clean homes, mow loans, rack leaves or shovel snow.

Rent out

You can rent out your parking space or some spare room in your house to earn some extra cash. Platforms such as Airbnb allow you to put spare room/s you own or complete house for rent to tourists. Some people have gained so much from this that they have switched to renting out as a sole source of income. There are other platforms like Parklet or Just Park allows you to rent out your underutilized parking space.

Make Money from Money

You can make money from money as well by investing is peer-to-peer lending. There are tons of P2P lending websites which would let lend or borrow money without much hassle. So if you have some savings I’d say, invest in a good P2P lending platform like exilend, lending club, prosper. Through this, you can earn up to 20% interest on your savings which is way higher than 6% offered by banks.  And also you can borrow money from these platforms at nominal rates.

Isn’t it cool! you can literally make money online by doing the things that you love. Join exilend to start earning now.