A cheap loan is the lending of money from an individual or a group of peers to an entity on a fixed interest rate. In cheap loans, you may get a secured or unsecured loan but what is guaranteed is affordable interest rates.

Why shouldn’t you choose a credit card?

First, Loans were never that cheap and easy as they are now. Credit card companies may offer you easy and cheap loans but be careful before picking one as even the best deals have more tricks than Dynamo’s sleeve. Card companies usually don’t show the exact amount what their customers has to pay at the end, it is like playing blind. This come with an another issue “theft and fraud”, big problem as thieves are using advanced scanning tools to get your credit card info.

Not feeling credit card safe for a cheap loan anymore? Need a trusted lender or borrower? Here’s the solution Exilend : loans from friends and family.

With Exilend your money-lender is no other than a trusted peer with no tricks and in addition more benefits and fewer interest rates.
Exilend provides you a better way to get a cheap loan from your peers or family. You need not worry about the third-party card processor or the cheap tricks of local investors anymore. Exilend provides you a little flexibility with transaction dates as you are dealing in P2P lending.

How is Exilend better for cheap loans?

With Exilend you can be ensured of fast loan processing, less documentation or sometimes no documentation, affordable interest rates and above all this trust of lending or borrowing from friends or family. Exilend helps you compare between multiple interest rates your peers are providing and choose the best-suited one. Even multiple peers can make a group and lend money to one in order get more benefits. As the loan is not from any bank or institution you can reschedule your payment amount and payment dates too. There’s no theft of any loan limit or any hidden terms with P2P lending.

Conclusion, Exilend is the solution to cheap loans with low-interest rates, minimal documentation, fast and trusted processing.