Send a friend request… People you may know… Send a message… Feeling blessed today… Profile picture updated… Post an update… @tag #tag.
Most people must have come across the aforementioned phrases in their life, via Social Networking. There are various platforms for sharing our lives socially. But do we have a place where we could talk about important things, like money? Everyone prefers to socialize online and what if they could gain some benefit from this Socializing.
We present before you the answer to this question : Exilend for Social Lending.
Exilend is a social lending and borrowing platform. The way you find friends on any social networking application and stay connected to your friends and family, the same way you can stay connected with your friends on Exilend. These friends would hypostatize the phrase “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Social Lending – The Lenders

Money lending has been in place for decades now. You, as a lender, would hesitate in social lending : lending to your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. There is a tendency to deposit any extra money in banks and earn interest for that. The interest rates are too low for this to be meaningful (they have reached their benchmark). Whereas if you borrow a loan, interest rates are high (again a benchmark). Also, there are other investment options but those investments do not really help increase the amount invested in a shorter period of time.

Exilend is a revolution in the methods by which the former is executed. You can connect with people who are in need of money. You can surely establish their credibility (if you don’t know these people already). Exilend provides the medium for these connections.

Social lending has customarily never been done on papers. Again the solution is same : your great friend Exilend (I will help you track your transactions with your relatives, friends, etc. You won’t have to worry about reminding them the sum they owe you, I will send them notifications and reminders.). This platform lets you socialize with people, negotiate with them online, understand their needs, establish your terms and lend money. Isn’t is simple for the lender as well as the borrower?

Social Lending – The Borrowers

Money is not a basic need, it is a requirement. When you want to start a new business, grow your current endeavor or want to make any investment, you need money, which is the prime resource. Money can buy you all kind of resources. But where to buy money? You can only borrow it or earn it. But your friends may not have the resources when you need them. Where to go? Banks demand a lot of documents. Even if you have all the documents, you still have to dangle around the banks or any money lending entity. The only reason for using these conventional means might be because you haven’t yet heard or are skeptical of Social Lending.
On Exilend, you can borrow money from your social lending network you establish here. You can borrow money at cheap interest rates because there is no intermediary between you and the lender (Exilend doesn’t charge anything, it’s a cute kid who helps people). You have the freedom to negotiate with your lender and come up to terms of an agreement that suits both of you. Taking multiple loans is also possible. Exilend will keep track of payments and transactions with your network.

So join today and make the best out of your social lending practices.